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As a poet and a GP, I’m interested in the overlap between poetry and medicine, and how they inform each other. I’m encouraged by the recognition of the importance of the arts in healthcare, and especially by the recent integration of the humanities into medical training.

My poetry has been widely, if intermittently, published, and I enjoy facilitating workshops, especially for people who don’t think they can write, or even like, poetry. I use poems and reflective writing with GPs in training, and I’ve done workshops and residences in various arts and health care settings.

As part of a collaborative project, I worked as a poet at Gloucester crematorium and cemetery, and this led to the opportunity of being poet in residence at the International Conference on Death, Dying and Disposal. (I gather there has been much debate about the third ‘D’ but no-one as yet has come up with anything better.) These experiences, in addition to my work in primary care, continue to feed into my current writing.

Current projects, publications, events

30 November 2021: CDAS Seminar ‘Written in Stone’ with Su Chard, including reflections and poems from residency at Gloucester Crematorium. University of Bath, Centre for Death and Society.

2 poems in The North 66 August 2021.

4 poems in Rialto 95.

Cul de Sac features in Hoping for butterflies by Lydia Kenny.

Beach Thoughts from Lockdown and Social Distancing in the Open Plan are pubshed at Write Where We Are Now.

Please contact me to discuss projects, collaborations, workshops, teaching, readings etc.